Welcome to the Pet Cemetery!

Pet Cemetery is a place where we can all remember our beloved Pets. Every month we will write a story of a loved pet that was lost and the love they brought into our lives.

Please do not confuse Pet Cemetery with “Pet Sematary” by Stephen King. It was a great book/movie but not at all what we are trying to accomplish here. We want to remember the love and warmth our fury (and sometimes scaly or feathery) friends bring into our lives. Not be freaked out by the fear-master himself!


We will be searching the Internet for stories of heroic pets or pets that have made a different in peoples lives.

Specifically, we are looking for:

  1. Pets that have saved a life
  2. Pets that have comforted the elderly in a time of need
  3. Pets that have an inspiring story (like brought back from death)… again, no Steven King book… but miracle type stories!
  4. Pets that have overcome great hardships
  5. Unusual Pets or strange stories

Some types of Pets that may be featured:

cute orange kitten

cute orange kitten

  1. Cats
  2. Dogs
  3. Birds
  4. Fish (yes, fish make great pets too!…. not sure if a fish has ever saved a persons life though)
  5. Turtles
  6. Monkeys
  7. Rabbits
  8. Ferrets
  9. Horses
  10. ???? We will be looking for all kinds of strange and exotic pets too!


Please stay tuned and come back monthly to share in our stories of love and loss and all the fun in between!


Because the best thing you can do to heal the loss of a loved one is to remember the good times and share them with others!

This website is dedicated to all the wonderfur pets (yes, I spelled it that way to be cute, it’s my site I can do what I want!) that I have had in my life that have shared the good times and the bad with and to the all the pet owners out there that have shared the joy and loss that I have too.


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