Frank and Louie seeing double!

frank and Louie two headed cat

Frank and Louie

We all know that cats can be a little two-faced sometimes with their personalities, but have you actually seen it on their face? Frank and Louie was born with two faces, and he was not expected to live long. Frank and Louie were born as a Janus cat. Janus cats are cats that are born with two heads, and typically suffer from internal organ abnormalities and have a short life span. Janus cats suffer from many ailments such as cleft palates which can cause them to starve. They are also known to get milk in their lungs due to their birth defects, which can cause pneumonia.

Frank and Louie, however, beat those terrible odds by living a full, healthy 15 years! He will appear in the 2012 Guinness Book of World Records as the longest surviving Janus cats. You’re probably wondering if Frank and Louie is one or actually two cats! Frank was the one with the esophagus that provided nutrition. Frank and Louie was just like any other cat – purring, rubbing against people – typically cat behaviors! Frank and Louie had two mouths, two noses, and three eyes. The third eye couldn’t blink, so when he took a nap it would appear that he was still awake!

Frank and Louie were quite laid back, and acted more like dogs than cats! He enjoyed being walked on a leash, and going out for adventurous car rides! He was very friendly, and did not seem to be hindered by his condition.

Frank and Louie was born on September 1999 and passed away on December 4th, 2014. He brought joy and warmth into everyone he met and has inspired many that anything can be possible, no matter how difficult the situation is!