LuLu the amazing pig


LuLu the life saving pig

Having a heart attack can be one of the most crucial, terrifying moments in anyone’s lives. Luckily, animals have keen senses and can pick up when something is going wrong and come to the rescue.

Jo Ann and her husband agreed to baby sit their daughters pig named LuLu. Little did they know that this (not so) little pig could save Jo Ann’s life. On August 4th 1998, Jo Ann’s husband was out fishing when she had her 2nd heart attack. Desperate for help, she tried to get anyone’s attention by throwing an alarm clock through the window of their vacation trailer. Their dog inside started barking, but that wasn’t enough.

LuLu sensed something was wrong, and began to cry out in distress. She pushed herself through the doggie door, went through the gate and proceeded to lie down in the middle of the road where traffic flows. One man, curious as to why LuLu was acting in such strange behavior, stopped and followed LuLu to the trailer. Once at the trailer, the man was able to find Jo Ann on the ground, calling for his help.

She was then flown out to a hospital for open heart surgery. The doctors said if had more than 15 minutes passed, she would have died. LuLu had saved Jo Ann’s life! Shortly after LuLu’s historic act, she became a big hit on newspapers and internet and became quickly known world wide!

LuLu has a long, healthy life ahead of her favorite treats, jelly donuts!