Life Saver: A Favor Returned

Today’s blog post is about a heroic pup named Sky. Sky belonged to Franz Van Derpoll of Australia. Franz is forever grateful for the life of Sky. 

sky the dog

While spearfishing one evening, Franz unfortunately became surrounded by two circling sharks. He realized he was in trouble, but so did faithful Sky. Sky jumped in the water to her owner’s rescue! After emerging from the water, Franz realized after seeing bloody water and no sign of Sky, she had passed on. A pet owner can only hope for such a giving and loving animal. 

Although Sky saved Franz’s life, his second chance at life has been a bittersweet experience. Years ago, he and Sky met at the harbor where Franz worked. She seemed to have had a hard life up until that point because she was malnourished and had been abused. Soon after, both Franz and Sky became the best of buddies.

Before the Sky’s arrival, Franz suffered the loss of his wife, Mary. He truly feels as though Sky took Mary’s place. She was able to put a smile back on Franz’s face during such a tough time. So not only did Franz save Sky, Sky saved Franz; and now for a second time.