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Life Saver: A Favor Returned

Today’s blog post is about a heroic pup named Sky. Sky belonged to Franz Van Derpoll of Australia. Franz is forever grateful for the life of Sky. 

sky the dog

While spearfishing one evening, Franz unfortunately became surrounded by two circling sharks. He realized he was in trouble, but so did faithful Sky. Sky jumped in the water to her owner’s rescue! After emerging from the water, Franz realized after seeing bloody water and no sign of Sky, she had passed on. A pet owner can only hope for such a giving and loving animal. 

Although Sky saved Franz’s life, his second chance at life has been a bittersweet experience. Years ago, he and Sky met at the harbor where Franz worked. She seemed to have had a hard life up until that point because she was malnourished and had been abused. Soon after, both Franz and Sky became the best of buddies.

Before the Sky’s arrival, Franz suffered the loss of his wife, Mary. He truly feels as though Sky took Mary’s place. She was able to put a smile back on Franz’s face during such a tough time. So not only did Franz save Sky, Sky saved Franz; and now for a second time. 

Gotta have Faith!

This months incredible pet is named “Faith“.

faith two legged dog

If you don’t know her story then please let me be the first one to share it with you =)

You may have seen faith in the news already but if you have not, here is the scoop. Faith is an incredible canine that will be missed! She has inspired MILLION of people to overcome adversity.  Faith was born with normal back legs but only one front leg that was deformed (that had to be removed). Her loving owners wisely refused to listen to the advice of some of the vets and other people that wanted to euthanize her. They instead taught her how to walk (much like a human). They were able to pull this off by using a “peanut butter trick”. At first, faith would hop like a rabbit. Eventually she started walking on her own. The peanut butter was not the only helper though! The owners had another little dog that helped Faith take her first steps too! The little dog stole her toy and ran off with it. Faith did not like that so much and ran to get it back! After that, she started chasing other animals as well… birds, cats.. whatever moves!

Faith is a television star! (and almost a movie store too!)

Faith had a busy life, she has made appearances for disabled veterans and even been on the Oprah show! She has also been on the Montel Williams show, Ripley’s believe it or not and Animal attractions television. She came close to appearing in the blockbuster movie series Harry Potter.


Faith passed away September 23rd in 2014.

She will be missed and it was such a blessing to have such a wonderful creature in our world. She has inspired people to live their lives to the fullest despite the things that go wrong that are out of their control.

The next time you are having a down day please try to remember to have Faith =)